Chiropractic is an evidence based therapy focusing on the biomechanics of an individual to help reduce pain and discomfort and improve performance.  

Chiropractic manipulation focuses on restoring normal joint motion which results in decreased pain and improved performance.  This is achieved through applying a high amplitude, low velocity thrust through a restricted joint. By restoring normal joint motion, the tissues in the area are able to function properly resulting in decreased pain, improved mobility and increased stability.

Soft tissue manipulation such as Active Release Technique and Graston Technique focus on adhesions in the muscle or tissue that restricts the normal motion of the tissue and prevents the relative glide of the tissues against one another. By applying tension to the area and taking the affected muscle through ‘its normal range of motion’  the practitioner attempts to ‘break down’ these adhesions and allow the muscles and tissue fibres to ‘slide again’ which results in decreased pain and improved performance.  

At breathe we use Chiropractic in conjunction with Exercise Rehabilitation to get results, keep you pain free, and help you move optimally.