Until the age of 34, I thought Acupuncturists were quacks.

Look at me now!! I came to be an Acupuncturist via the scenic route, starting with a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Biology, then a Master’s of Science in Human Genetics, followed by 15 years of working with patients in various hospitals, and finally, after a lightbulb moment, back to school for another 5 years to do my Acupuncture and TCM Diplomas. All told, 30 years of working in health care and I have the grey hairs to prove it.

My passion for medicine has never wavered and I have helped 100’s of patients with a wide variety of health challenges. Humans have an innate ability to heal, and guiding that process is what I love to do. Life should be more than just surviving day after day. Nobody aspires to just eat, sleep and work. I understand that desire to do more, to actually thrive — connect with your tribe, enjoy activities with family and friends, hang out with furry four-leggeds — it’s all about feeling great and being able to do what makes life meaningful. I look forward to helping you feel your best so you can live the extraordinary life you deserve.